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"You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done." - Ronald Reagan

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Belated Blogging

I haven't been very active in my blogging lately, due to the combination of school and a project I am working on.

In the mean time, the Katrina hurricane has been something that I think we are all following very closely. I am still waiting to see what the final story is going to be before I comment on it too much, because things are still happening and we don't really have good information on things right now. Michelle Malkin is doing an excellent job of keeping up on it, so I recommend reading her great blog for Katrina updates.

Energy prices are a big concern right now, due to the disruption of both the gulf oil and many of the gas refineries which are located in the affected area. I think it is worth point out (maybe I will go into this in more detail at some later point in time) that the idea of an "energy crisis" or shortage in the long term is quite imaginary. We could rather easily augment our current energy sources using nuclear energy, and with new advances in hybrid cars and fuel cells, drastically reduce our dependence on carbon fuels. It does take time to get these new passive core nuclear plants running, but maybe this is just the motivation we need to deal with the real source of the problem, which is political.

UPDATE: Lets say we need five years to rush these plants, what can we do in the mean time that won't destroy our economy? Luckily for us, there is actually a solution, and it does not involve invading Saudi Arabia.

The problem with much of the rise in energy prices right now is caused by economic growth (or perhaps more accurately, a bubble economy) is some developing economies, most specifically China. We have the economic tools (i.e. trade) however to put a cap on that growth. Yes, I realize it is rather sinister, but it is well within our rights. It is also probably a smart move on our part, to not be actively financing the weapons that China will probably be point at us in the future. Of course, China might become more aggressive if it's economy collapses, but better now than later I suppose.

Would this give us the time we need to change our energy paradigm? It might, but we better get to work on it soon.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives: Where is the Guy with the Funny Mustache?

Vie Knox News blog, the ATF has been involved in trying to intimidate legal gun buyers, with little regard for the law themselves:

The federal agency that regulates U.S. gun dealers stands accused, along with at least three Virginia law enforcement agencies, of trying to shut down legal gun shows through alleged intimidation of gun buyers and sellers. The law enforcement organizations also allegedly broke the law by sharing gun buyers' information with members of the public.


"They did something else, which is highly illegal," Gelles charged. "They did something called a residency check."

Gelles explained that, when gun dealers took the paperwork to the Virginia State Police on-site office to complete the background checks on prospective buyers, ATF agents copied the names, home addresses and telephone numbers of the applicants.

Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, told Cybercast News Service that he has received numerous complaints alleging that as handgun buyers were waiting for their National Instant Check System (NICS) background investigations to be completed, ATF was secretly conducting the so-called "residency checks."

According to the complaints he received, Van Cleave said officers were dispatched to the homes of the prospective gun buyers to speak with family members, asking for example: "Gee, did you know your husband was going to a gun show today? Do you have his cell phone number? Did you know he was buying a gun?

"If people weren't home they, in some cases, went to neighbors" to ask the same questions, Van Cleave said.

"I'm not an attorney but, I'll tell you what, in my opinion that would be a violation of federal law," Van Cleave said. "To go off on a fishing trip with that information, much less sharing information like that with neighbors, there's no way that's legal."

Title 18 Section 923 of the U.S. Code concerns the licensing of gun dealers and appears to support Van Cleave's position. It contains the following restrictions on the information collected during the process of a gun purchase:

"(g)(3)(B) Except in the case of forms and contents thereof regarding a purchaser who is prohibited by [federal law] from receipt of a firearm, the department of State police or State law enforcement agency or local law enforcement agency of the local jurisdiction shall not disclose any such form or the contents thereof to any person or entity, and shall destroy each such form and any record of the contents thereof no more than 20 days from the date such form is received."

Right now, Katrina is getting most of the media and blog attention (and justifiably so), but lets not let this story fall though the cracks either.

Say Uncle is also on this.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Right-Wing Multiculturalism

Vie American Kernel, the Red State blog has a very well written post which I strongly, strongly recommend reading:

Based on the arguments of several commenters on the recent Redstate immigration threads, it is clear that many Republicans and soi-disant conservatives have drunk deeply from the intoxicating bottle of multiculturalism; for they lay it down as a dogma, that to prefer one’s own culture over other cultures, and one’s own nation over other nations, and thus to desire that one’s own nation and culture be preserved, is damning and conclusive evidence of bigotry or nativism or whatever term of abuse is en vogue.

Note that to prefer one’s own culture is not even to make claims about its rank in the hierarchy of cultures. It is not even to enter into a controversy about the equality or inequality of nations. Nor is it to deprecate other nations and cultures. A man who prefers his own nation understands perfectly well why another man of a different nation would prefer his.

But it is to say that for a man to love his home (and “home,” I think, is the most accessible term we have to make the abstractions “nation” and “culture” actually attach to something real) is the most natural political thing in the world of men. Not merely it is natural: it is good. For love of home — that is, patriotism — is a form of piety. We might even say that God gives us a little flash or picture of His love for Creation by making patriotism natural in man.


I think this intellectual development — the accommodation of the Right to multiculturalism — comprises an important part of the backdrop of the rancorous debates over immigration. For if patriotism is indeed an ideological thing, then all we need to do to assimilate anyone, is inculcate a faith in democracy. We need only teach ideas — uniquely abstract and nebulous ideas — and ask assent to them. But if patriotism is actually a deeper, more mysterious and elusive thing; if it derives not from mental propositions but from habit and custom, from real feelings about real places, from a tender sense of home and hearth, from smells imperceptible but unforgettable, from a thousand attachments subconscious but fierce — then it must be nurtured by the delicate touch of time, by human passion fortified by experience and armed by a just appreciation of what is good and true. If it is not ideology but instead piety, then assimilation becomes a far more difficult thing than we have imagined; and it becomes quite impossible in a climate where the preference for home, which is the root of patriotism, is suspected and vilified.

I was amazed to see how the point of this post went over the heads of many of the commenters on Red State; I strongly recommend everyone who reads it to be very careful and catch the subtlety, because while the point he is making may seem small, it actually is of tremendous importance.

H-1B Visas for Teachers?

VDare has an interesting post about the growing trend towards hiring teachers from overseas, using H-1B visas:

A recent item in the Las Vegas Review-Journal should raise eyebrows among my teaching colleagues and parents with school age children.

In his warm and fuzzy story titled Teachers Arrive From Philippines, Antonio Planas reported that 51 Filipino teachers recruited in February to work for the Clark County School District have completed their 7,000-mile journey. They are headed directly to the classroom. [August 2, 2005]

Clark County is, according to the story, short about 400 teachers district wide.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Increasingly Anti-Law-and-Order GOP

The Immigration Blog has a post about the growing rift in the Republican party over illegal immigration. Now, in addition to Gilchrist running for office, there is another surprise:

LA County Deputy David March was murdered in the line of duty by illegal alien Armando Garcia in 2002. Garcia seems to have a habit of slipping in and out of the US to commit crimes (he's also wanted for a couple of counts of attempted murder and drug dealing) but now remains in Mexico. Probably. The truth is, authorities never know where he is from one day to the next. As long as Mexico won't apprehend him and extradite him for trial to the US, he will be getting away with killing an American cop.

You'd think a law-and-order Republican like Rep. David Drier (R-CA) would be in favor of bringing this cop-killer to justice, but you'd be wrong. He is against extradition. So in next year's election, Powder Blue Report delivers some sobering news for Drier--he'll face an opponent, who is March's father.

This is excellent news. I can't help but think that it would be interesting if we could get a "Minuteman Party" candidate running in every congressional election next year. Or rather, threatening to run, which would be the main point of leverage. In the long run though, there is a major gap growing between the Republican base and the leadership, which seems to worship cheap illegal labor. The party needs to do some very, very serious house cleaning, or its long term prospects look dim.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Gilchrist Running for Congress

Here is an article in the Washington Times about James Gilchrist and his run for congress in the special election for Cox's seat.

Mr. Gilchrist, whose organization received nationwide attention by protesting illegal immigration during an April border vigil in Arizona, said campaign contributions are flowing in from across the country and that his work on the immigration issue has broadened his knowledge on several others.

"This seemingly one issue affects schools, hospitals, crime, unemployment, transportation congestion and Social Security," said Mr. Gilchrist, 56, a retired accountant who received a Purple Heart as a Marine in Vietnam.

Mr. Gilchrist is running as an independent against 17 other candidates in the Oct. 4 special election to fill the seat Mr. Cox, a Republican, vacated after being nominated by President Bush to head the Securities Exchange Commission. California's 48th district is a Republican stronghold that encompasses most of Orange County.

"The thing that makes this race interesting and gives it a national twist is that Jim Gilchrist squeezed out [former Republican Rep.] Bob Dornan from doing a comeback campaign," said Allan Hoffenblum, Republican political analyst and publisher of the California Target Book, a statewide political tracking report.

Mr. Dornan, a 20-year congressional veteran, called Mr. Gilchrist last week before the Aug. 22 filing deadline and urged the activist to run for Congress.

"I asked if he was running, and he said, 'No, I'm supporting you,'?" Mr. Gilchrist said.

A spokeswoman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee did not return a call for comment on the race.

Although the congressional district is considered conservative, a Democrat or moderate Republican could win because of the state's unusual "open" primary rules in special elections.

All candidates are on the same ballot, regardless of party, and a candidate must receive more than 50 percent of the vote to win -- an unlikely event with nearly 20 candidates in the race.

If nobody wins, the top vote-getters of each party would face off in a Dec. 6 general election, and as the lone independent, Mr. Gilchrist is assured a spot.

There are probably a lot of Republicans who will complain about Gilchrist running as an independent and splitting the "conservative" (Republican?) vote. That is a fair concern, but if it comes down to a three way race, we could just as easily have the Republican drop out of the race--that is if everyone is really, truly concerned about a Democrat winning.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Conflict is Our Friend

There is an excellent article on VDare from Kevin Carter, who describes some of his experiences as a college student dealing with political correctness indoctrination.

On my first day of college, I received formal instruction in the new religion. The university administrators who managed our freshman orientation thought it would be a good idea to show us a video on the Matthew Shepard murder, followed by a lecture from a supposed expert on "hate."

I don’t remember much of the video or the lecture. But when our honored guest finally finished his lengthy harangue, he asked everyone in the audience to stand up. He then asked all of the women in the room to sit down, followed by all of the blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and so on until all of the "protected classes" had taken their seats.

"If you think hate crimes don’t matter," he sobbed, "think again. After all, the only people left standing are a bunch of white guys."

The conservative inclination is to decry such an institutionalized display of hostility towards young white males, but I am inclined to disagree.

By creating conflict these leftists are doing everyone a tremendous service in hastening the end of the political correct order.

Political correctness/multiculturalism obviously desires to always cast young white males (unless they are gay) as the oppressors/aggressors, if they are allowed to have any group identity at all. For a long time, the contradiction of always being defined as the oppressor group and not being allowed to have an explicit group identity (such as African-American, Hispanic, etc) was tolerable because it was not pressed.

With more and more hostility (often institutionalized) towards the young white male though, we are seeing (or perhaps for most, not seeing) the emergence of an identity forged from PC-instigated conflict. It's not just that though, because to say that conflict creates a shared sense of experiences and comradery would be one thing. What is most interesting is that along with it comes a growing sense of being a (abet only self-recognized) victim class. Not just any victim class either: we are the alpha victim class. Every other group is allowed to have their own name, identity, political lobbyists, affirmative action quota, etc. But who takes up the slack?

I have always been amused with people like Glen Reynolds who harken the so called "South Park Republicans" as being socially-liberal, economically/militarily-conservative. I don't think that people like Glen get it. If the typical "South Park Republican" is socially-liberal it is because he is young; don't expect the average SPR to be advocating legalized pot or copious abortions when he reaches 35 or 40 and has kids.

The SPR can only be understood if you understand that it is a cartoon by young white males, for young white males, about the kinds of institutionalized stupidity/ignorance (PC, multiculturalism, etc) that makes young white males a victim class. It would be unfair to say that South Park is the equivalent of Uncle Tom's Cabin, but only in degree. One of the most remarkable aspects of this is the way that South Park (and increasingly other un-PC entertainment) serves as a proxy, making it possible to say (and I believe, even more importantly, think) things that were never allowed to be said (or thought) before.

As I mentioned above, this trend is still something that is largely unseen. If you are not a 20-something white male, you probably won't get it, and that's fine. But what I find so very interesting is how far advanced many of the ideas are compared to what the political (and conservative) establishment is willing to say for fear of not being politically correct. This is something that nobody in the establishment sees coming.

On the other hand, everything at this stage is extremely ad-hoc. Many (most?) still have not put the proxy thinking into "english", and so still don't think in such explicit terms as "oppressed young white male victim group". Everyone knows the system is unfair and unjust, but there is very little ideological foundation to base the sense of frustration on. This is one area which defiantly needs work, and it's not something the "flower power" generation can do for us.

UPDATE: FrontPage has now posted the same article as VDare, which is interesting to say the least. Another quote from the article which I think goes along with what I wrote above:

Of course, once our "dialogue" was finished, the real discussion could begin. Most of the white guys on my floor (myself included) crowded into the hallway and let out a collective sigh of relief. Everyone was glad the ordeal was over, and soon everyone was ranting to each other about how insulting and ridiculous they thought the whole thing was.

I would say that that night I probably heard more "offensive" language and listened to more "insensitive" jokes than at any other time in my life.

Thus, in a way, our freshman orientation did end up becoming a bonding experience—but not in the way that the university administration had intended.

At the time I didn’t think much about race or immigration, or about how they were related to the humiliation I was made to endure. I was a fairly conventional Republican and was content to support President Bush in pretty much anything he did.

All of that began to change, however, when Bush announced his amnesty plan. After reading Pat Buchanan’s searing indictment, I did some web surfing on immigration and soon enough I stumbled upon VDARE.COM.

It’s probably not much of an exaggeration to say that this website saved my life. The more I read, the more I felt like I was falling down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. I had always been cynical, but even I was unprepared to find out just how criminally irresponsible the people running this country really are— as story after story on VDARE.COM made painfully clear.


The plain fact is that some people simply do not want to believe. Despite the evidence around them, they do not want to admit to themselves that they are losing their country, that it is becoming a land of barbed wire fences and bodyguards, a Blade Runner world where a few fabulously wealthy people live in luxury while the great mass of the population live in desperation.

They simply prefer to believe the fairy tales about how immigrants will assimilate and how we will all some how "get along." Sometimes an ugly truth is no match for a beautiful lie.

Yet I don’t think that anyone will forget the things that I tell them. I suspect that as they grow older and start paying their own bills they’ll come around.

Indeed, many of them already have. Because of my efforts, there are about a dozen more people as committed to immigration reform as I am (some of them read VDARE.COM even more than I do!) and a larger number who are much more aware and sympathetic than they ever were before meeting me.

Escaping Justice

From Your Daily Prescott blog:

Crimes Against Law Enforcement Officers by Illegal Aliens or Those Who Have Fled to Mexico

* Deputy Don Willmon - Angelina County Sheriff’s Department, Texas,
Murdered May 13, 1979

* Officer Kenneth Collins, 33 - Phoenix Police Department, Arizona
Murdered May 27, 1988

* Officer Lawrence Cadena, 43 - Dallas Police Department, Texas
Murdered December 13, 1988

* Trooper Robert Clodfelter, 34 - Oregon State Police, Klammath Falls
Murdered, September 30, 1992

* Agent Richard Fass, 37 - U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency
Murdered June 30, 1994

* Alexander Kirpnick, 27 - United States Border Patrol
Murdered June 3, 1998

* Officer Marc Atkinson, 28 - Phoenix Police Department, Arizona
Murdered March 28, 1999

* Detective Hugo Arango, 24 - Doroville Police Department, Georgia
Murdered May 13, 2000

* Officer Michael Dunman - Salt Lake City Police Department, Utah
Killed July 17, 2000

This list continues below.

* Deputy Michael Schapp - Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, California
Shot and injured September 25, 2000

* Deputy Sheriff David March, 33 - Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department,
Murdered April 29, 2002

* Ranger Kriss Eggle, 28 - National Park Service
Murdered, August 9, 2002

* Officer Enrique Hernandez, 27 - Las Vegas Police Department, Nevada
Shot and critically injured on December 12, 2002

* Officer Robert Sitek - Phoenix Police Department, Arizona
Shot and critically injured, April 12, 2003

* Officer Tony Zeppetella, 27 - Oceanside Police Department, California
Murdered June 13, 2003

* Officer Matthew Pavelka, 26 - Burbank Police Department, California
Murdered November 15, 2003

* Agent James Paul Epling, 24 - U. S. Border Patrol
Drowned during pursuit of suspected illegal aliens, December 16, 2003

* Officer Robert Bryant - Denver Police Department
Intentionally struck with vehicle, January 22, 2004

* Officer Derek Whipps - Boise Police Department, Idaho
Shot and critically injured, February 28, 2004

* Deputies Daniel Dail and Victor Locklin - Los Angeles County Sheriff’s
Shot at with an AK-47 on April 9, 2004

* Officer William “Will” Seuis - Oakland Police Department
Hit and killed on July 24, 2004

* Deputy Brandon “Brandy” Winfield - Marion County Sheriff’s Department
Shot and Killed on October 17, 200

Note how the list has accelerated since 2000; I counted 7 before, and 15 after. Where has Bush been on this issue?

There are more stories about victims of illegal alien crimes here.

One example: What happens when you import semi-illiterate third-world peasants into an entirely different and civilized culture? Sub-human behavior and ignorance seems to be one result:

Shown in the photo is crime victim Tracy Owen of Nashville. The pregnant woman was murdered because a couple of drunk illegal aliens thought they had struck her in a traffic accident, so they decided to kill her in order to cover up the incident. In fact, it appears that they did not hit Tracy Owen with a truck at all, but she had fallen. Still, rather than offer aid to an injured woman who was pleading for help, the response was for the younger man to shoot her her five times. Both men were charged with criminal homicide. Police detective Robert Swisher remarked "In my 22 years on the job, I have never seen anyone executed, and I mean executed, because someone thought they had hit the person with a vehicle. It sickens me." The shooter, Antonio DeJesus Idelfonso, is 17 years old, and a later hearing will decide whether he will be prosecuted as an adult.

The article includes this bit:

Swisher said Idelfonso shot Owen and told his roommate after the slaying that the woman was crying for help when the men stopped. Idelfonso told police that he responded, ''Here's your help,'' and shot her five times in the upper body, according to the detective. One of the bullets struck the fetus, Swisher said.

If you are not angry yet, you aren't paying attention.

Virginia to Declare Emergency in Illegal Alien Crisis?

Well, currently some state legislators are just asking the governor to declare a state of emergency regarding the illegal alien problem. Still, this is good progress; who knows, maybe Gov Warner will actually take the bait?

State legislators said yesterday that Virginia is facing an immigration crisis on par with Arizona and New Mexico and urged Gov. Mark Warner to declare an emergency like the governors of those two states did last week.

Delegate Jeffrey M. Frederick, Prince William County Republican, has asked Mr. Warner, a Democrat, to declare a state of emergency to stop the influx of illegal aliens into the state. Mr. Frederick said that even though Virginia does not share a border with Mexico, the state must take such action to tap federal homeland security dollars to fund police efforts to arrest illegal aliens and hand them over to federal immigration authorities.

"They might be coming through Arizona, but they are landing here," Mr. Frederick said. "It's getting out of control. We really need to do everything we can and utilize every tool that's available to us."

Mr. Frederick, the only Hispanic member of the General Assembly, said such a move would help stem the drain on taxpayer resources caused by illegals who use public services, including hospitals. He still has relatives in Colombia.

Mr. Frederick's Friday letter to the governor likely will net wide support in the Republican-controlled legislature, which earlier this year overwhelmingly passed a measure denying public benefits to illegal aliens and in 2003 required motorists to prove legal residency to obtain driver's licenses.

Conservative estimates put the number of illegal aliens in Virginia at 100,000 to 200,000.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What is Mexico Really Like?

Everyone should read this article on VDare and the derivative post at Mark in Mexico. I don't agree with Mark's proposed solution, but I applaud his thinking outside the box, which is something we need more of.

Why is Mexico such a mess? It’s the culture. Don’t scoff. I live here, remember? Mexicans do not understand the very basics of Rule of Law. They don’t understand them and I don’t believe they ever will. The single missing ingredient here is accountability. You can steal just about whatever you want to steal here, and if you share the spoils with the political powers that be as well as local, state and federal law enforcement, you can get along quite nicely. Kind of like Chicago

Mexican politicians believe that it is their right to enrich themselves at the expense of their constituents. It comes with the territory, so to speak. Mexicans as a whole are not capable of viewing society as a whole. They do not understand that what is injurious to society is injurious to the individual…A Mexican believes that his rights extend as far as he can push or bully his way… A basic lack of civility abounds.

Homeland Security Weaseling

Drudge is reporting that Homeland Security is vowing to "get tough" on illegal aliens.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, acknowledging public frustration over illegal immigration, said Tuesday that the federal government's detention and deportation system must be fundamentally restructured. "We have decided to stand back and take a look at how we address the problem and solve it once and for all," Chertoff said during a breakfast meeting with reporters.

I hope that Chertoff will forgive us for not believing him until we actually see some real results. Still, even his apparent focus on the detention and deportation system is faulty; without at least an equal (and preferably greater) emphasis on punishing businesses who hire illegal aliens, any changes will be a failure.

Washington thinks that it is starting to feel the heat; personally I think that it can, will, and must get a lot hotter before anyone gets very serious there. In the mean time, those of us (~75% of citizens) who support border control and oppose illegal immigration should commend government for finally admitting there is a problem, but demand more of a focus on stopping businesses from profiting from illegal immigration while demanding that these same businesses pay back at least some of the public funds they have stolen from tax payers though illegal subsidized labor.

Straw Poll

Patrick Ruffini has a new straw poll for the 2008 presidential election, and I am quite pleased to see that he has now put Tancredo on the list.

I strongly encourage everyone to go and vote for Tancredo; don't let Republican first, American second party insiders warp the poll against the American people's interests.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Jacksonian Test (Beta)

I have been meaning to create a Jacksonian test for quite a while, so here is a beta version which I have put together. Please feel free to send me feedback if you feel some questions are not "Jacksonian" enough, or if you believe other dimensions need to be tested. Be sure you have actually read the full article by Mead first though, so that we are on the same page. -Thanks.

This test is designed to determine how well you compare to the arch-Jacksonian prototype as described in Walter Russell Mead's article The Jacksonian Tradition.

If you score 80+ points, you qualify as a true Jacksonian. Between 60 and 80 points, you have strong Jacksonian traits, and in a crisis situation probably would revert instinctively to a Jacksonian posture. Below that, it is still possible for an individual to have a Jacksonain streak, but generally speaking, you probably fit into another prototype, perhaps Jeffersonian, Wilsonian, or Hamiltonian?

  1. Do you agree with dropping nuclear weapons on Japan in WWII?

  2. It was absolutely wrong.

    Yes, but it makes me feel uncomfortable.


    Yes, eighteen year old Americans were more "innocent" than Japanese civilians.

  3. How do you feel about self-reliance, versus inter-dependence.

  4. Inter-dependence is good; we need each other!

    More inter-dependence than self-reliance.

    More self-reliance than inter-dependence.

    Self-reliance; you can't always count on others (outside your family/group/nation) when the going gets tough.

  5. Can a group be judged as a group?

  6. No, people can only be judged as individuals.

    Rarely, and only if they chose to belong to the group.

    Yes, but only in extreme instances (Arab terrorist profiling, etc).

    Yes, because groups have (the most) control over their own members, and if they do something bad repeatedly, they are responsible for it.

  7. Are civilians every justifiably targeted in war?

  8. No, never!

    No, but collateral damage is unavoidable.

    Yes, but only if those civilians are actively helping the enemy, such as producing weapons.

    Yes, they are fair targets if a) the enemy targets our civilians and b) attacking civilians breaks the enemy's will to fight.

  9. Do you believe that the world is getting better and better, and eventually all countries will be rich and free (eventual triumph of capitalism and democracy)?

  10. Yes, if the right-wingers can be suppressed!

    Yes, eventually.

    Maybe, but there will always be a few trouble spots.

    No, because human nature is unchanging, and such rosy scenarios are unrealistic.

  11. How important is reputation (to a country or individual)?

  12. It is better to be labeled a weakling than get in a fight.

    Who cares what other people think?

    Yes it is important, but if we are really nice and work hard, other people will always respect us.

    Yes it is important, but sometimes you have to fight for it.

  13. How should wars be fought?

  14. Never!

    Sometimes, but peacekeepers and the UN can often prevent conflicts first.

    With as little force as necessary to stop the enemy.

    Its either on or off; wars should be fought all out and to the death, or not at all!

  15. The enemy fights dirty, not respecting the rules and traditions of war, such as by abusing POWs, etc. How do we respond?

  16. We should ask the UN for a resolution condemning the enemy.

    We fight the same, regardless of how the enemy behaves.

    We fight basically the same, but may not honor all the Geneva Convention's rules with POWs.

    If they fight dirty, a dirty fight is what they will get!

  17. How do you feel about social and class structure?

  18. Everyone is equal, save for the victims, which are more equal.

    Everyone is equal!

    Everyone is equal, but some people deserve special respect.

    Nobody has the right to be above a respectable member of the community, but some people are unrespectable and thus below respectable society.

  19. How do you feel about tradition?

  20. Always challenge the established order!

    Tradition is generally bad, but we should be careful with what replaces it.

    I am an individual; I respect tradition when I like it, not if I don't.

    Tradition is the condensed wisdom of the ages, and while not always right, should be a central guide none the less.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

More Homeland Insecurity

Here is a disturbing article about a man who was involved in providing fake documents for illegals (and terrorists?). Just how easy it is will scare you:

Authorities said they caught Urbano selling Social Security cards to four people who wanted to use them to get driver's licenses, and further investigation tied Urbano to at least 59 forged cards.

Urbano charged immigrants $3,000 to $4,000 for the cards, authorities said. The cards were real documents issued by Social Security to two women he allegedly worked with between 2001-2003.

A police investigation revealed that Maria Pagan received six Social Security cards in a 10-day period by claiming to the agency in three separate phone calls that she had twins and needed ID cards for them. Authorities said Elizabeth Colon claimed to have 53 children over a two-year period and received 53 Social Security cards. The cards were mailed to 11 different addresses in North Jersey.

"How does the Social Security Administration in today's day and age in computers fail to pick up on this is absolutely mind-boggling to me," Reddin said.

Friday, August 19, 2005

When Theory Meets Practice

Here is a disturbing story about an illegal alien who attacked a 15 year old girl, unprovoked:

A 15-year-old girl was severely beaten Tuesday evening in what police described as an unprovoked attack by a construction worker.

The girl was treated at Mary Washington Hospital, where she received about 30 stitches for injuries to her face and the back of her head, according to Robin Kocher, the new public information officer for the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office.

The girl also suffered a fractured bone on the right side of her face and a broken nose.

The suspect, 28-year-old Jose D. Ramirez of Prince William County, was charged with aggravated malicious wounding and abduction with the intent to defile. He was placed in the Rappahannock Regional Jail under no bond. Both charges carry potential life sentences.

Kocher said the incident occurred about 7:15 p.m. in the 200 block of Olde Greenwich Drive in Spotsylvania, near the Fredericksburg city limits. Ramirez, who police said is an illegal alien from El Salvador, was working on a townhouse there as part of a construction crew, Kocher said.

Police said he whistled at the girl as she walked by, then became enraged after the girl did not respond. Ramirez is accused of then running after the girl and pummeling her in the face and head, Kocher said.

According to authorities, the attacker then tried to drag the victim, fleeing into some woods only after a co-worker yelled for him to stop.

This story reminds me of a Arab that I once knew, who told me once that all the girls "around here" were racist, because they did not want to go out with him. He said that they only wanted "blond, blue eyed guys" (I didn't take it personally). I thought about pointing out that his large Semitic nose was big enough to house a Palestinian refugee family, and that this might have been effecting his game, but I decided against saying so because we were actually on fairly good terms and I did not want to be impolite.

The point which both of the above instances have in common though is the sexual frustration that is rarely mentioned, but very very real among many of the (for lack of a better word) "ethnic" immigrants, illegal or otherwise. On one hand, they have been sold a version of both America and multiculturalism though TV, Hollywood, magazines, etc, which is very theoretical; from the selection of the cast of TV shows to the ads in the latest fashion magazine, attempts are made to ensure "diversity", show inter-racial dating as the norm, and generally blur any differences (ethnic, religious, class, etc) into a carefully orchestrated, ideological picture of how the liberal world should work.

The problem, as my Arab friend found out, is that in real life practice, unlike in the media, being a rather awkward looking Muslim Arab is indeed a disadvantage. And what happens when reality runs up against the ideological media image that many immigrants have in their heads when they come here? The answer appears to be a certain resentment and sexual frustration, perhaps taking the form of assuming everyone is racist (in the best case), perhaps attacking a 15 year old girl unprevoked (in the worst).

Hat tip: Modern Tribalist.

Homeland Insecurity

Pierre Legrand over at the Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill is blogging up a storm about Able Danger, 9/11 Commission, and other associated veins. I have not been topic up on the issue as well as I should, but at the same time I don't really have any doubts to begin with that a) political correctness has prevented steps from being taken that could have prevented 9/11, and PC is still keeping us from being most effective b) the 9/11 Commission was never a serious body, but rather about protecting the responsible parties c) the government and bureaucrats have and will continue to put their interests first and cover-up or simply never hold one another responsible for incompetence. But easily the biggest fact which tells us how unserious the Bush administration is about homeland security is how open the border is, and how much they are set against changing the situation at all.

Bush, Rice, Rewriting History for Political Gain

Lawrence Auster at the palo-con blog View from the Right, has an excellent post about the sad way in which Bush and Rice, in leftist fashion, feel the need to rewrite history for short term gain. I say leftist fashion in particular because at the core of what they are doing is an attempt to "even our", redistribute, or "make equal" our culture and history, and that of Iraq. What am I talking about? Auster writes:

How many times have we heard President Bush and his twin brain, the cute if overrated national security advisor turned into the triumphantly narcissistic and even more overrated secretary of state, utter the moronic and offensive comment that we shouldn’t worry too much about the problems in Iraq, since America has also had lots of problems, e.g., women didn’t have the vote for 140 years after Independence. The truly repellent idea that Bush and his twin brain are advancing is that the absence of women’s suffrage and full legal equality for 140 years in what happened to be the freest country in the history of the world, with the greatest degree of female equality and freedom and genuine respect for women of any country in the history of the world (please read Toqueville’s admiring discussion of the America of the 1830s, where, he tells us, an unescorted young woman could travel from one end of this vast country to the other and never once be bothered or treated rudely by a man), is the equivalent of totalitarian Islamic sharia, where women are virtually chattel, where the holiest book says, “woman is a field, plow her whenever you wish,” and where a man can divorce his wife by merely saying to her, “I divorce thee!” These anti-Americans—for that is what I call Bush and Rice, make no mistake about it, it is a view I will back up anywhere—are so set on “normalizing” Iraq’s backwardness that they are willing to drag our own country down to the level of a semi-primitive tribal country in order to make the hellish situation in that country seem ok, and thus make their own disastrous policy there seem a success.

By the way, have you seen a single mainstream conservative protest the Bush/Rice debasing of America? No! The conservatives are all sycophantic courtiers to the president, or else frightened little mice. Yes, of course, they will criticize Bush over this point or that (as they rush to tell you when you call them courtiers); but how mild, how unserious, how inconsequential those criticisms are!

To paraphrase Shakespeare, would multiculturalism by any other name smell so repugnant? Perhaps it would.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Powernomics & Self-Segregation in Detroit

This article is quite interesting, about a plan going forward in Detroit to create a district, literally called "Black Town":

A majority of the Detroit City Council wants to implement an economic development plan it commissioned for $112,000 that preaches racial isolation and rails against immigration in its bid to gain economic success for poor blacks.

The crux of the plan is the creation of a business district -- dubbed African Town -- that would be funded in part with city money and made up of black-owned businesses catering to a black clientele.

The report also complains that immigrants from Mexico, Asia and the Middle East are stealing resources, jobs and other opportunities from blacks and calls on city leaders to stop the economic shift.

The report does not call on the city to stop immigration -- and the city wouldn't have any power to stop it, even if it wanted to -- but the report does call on the city to level the playing field between blacks and the newcomers who it says are economically surpassing them.


"It's reverse racism," said Kay Everett, one of two councilwomen who voted against the plan. The other council member who rejected the plan was Sheila Cockrel.

"This is foolish," Everett said. "They don't understand. They're not thinking of the city as a whole. We need to bring harmony to this city, and if we say that we do not want any other people here, then we're being racist."


The report, "A Powernomics Economic Development Plan for Detroit's Under-Served Majority Population," says inner cities should be improved for its residents, who should own and control the businesses in their neighborhoods. He calls on blacks to support black-owned businesses, in the same way he says other groups frequent stores owned by people of their own ethnicities.

The report also says integration has failed blacks and that regionalism is a bid by whites to control the city's resources. Anderson warns city leaders to beware of non-blacks moving into the city because they will have their own agendas.

Anderson says his theories are not racist, but they are honest.

He said the city is bordering on an economic crisis, with 26 percent of the city's population living below the poverty line.

"The biggest problem in the city of Detroit -- and it's true of all urban areas -- are black leaders and white leaders who continue to use and hide behind the myth of a color-blind and race-neutral society and use it as an excuse not to deal with this dilemma," Anderson said.

I think that the article actually does have some valid points. Immigration, especially illegal immigration, is hurting poor blacks (as well as of course poor whites and Hispanics).

Another point I found interesting were the comments by Kay Everett in which she pleaded for "harmony". I don't know what her politics are, but I think that she does reflect the view of many conservatives (and whites generally) which simply wish the issue of race would go away like a bad dream. Conservatives, generally speaking, don't really have the ideological tools to use to deal with race, much less independent or original thoughts to add to the discussion. Instead, conservatives generally (and Republicans practically always) find themselves on the defensive against liberal ideas and end up making compromises which invariably put them in an inferior position in the debate (or lack thereof).

In some ways, multiculturalism has been the saving grace of conservatism, because it has served as a scapegoat for so many of the problems we see, while preventing the conservative belief from ever being tested (and thus failing). That conservative belief is of course that in the absence of liberals running around stirring up racial resentments, that these differences would not exist and that everyone would get along just swell. Conservatives know, on some level, that the racial politics we see in the Democratic party (and now in the Republican party with the Hispanic vote) are simply a result of the parties behaving as essentially rational economic actors and serving pre-existing markets. Still, almost nobody wishes to admit this is the case, and instead everyone prefers to blame the other party or racial grievance groups (abet, often justifiably) for stirring up the latest discord.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Myth and Reality

Two articles demonstrate the increasing distance between the myths used to justify/rationalize illegal immigration by some, and the situation as it actually exists in reality.

First, Heather Mac Donald posts over at The Immigration Blog about the ongoing Jose Raul Pena saga:

The mother of a slain 19-month-old girl, killed as her illegal father used her as a human shield while blasting away at Los Angeles police officers, continues her avaricious crusade against the LAPD. Lorena Lopez, the baby's mother, should clean up her own house first. Turns out baby Suzie Marie Pena had cocaine in her system when she was shot during a gun battle between her border-jumping Salvadoran father, Jose Raul Pena, and an LAPD SWAT team. The Lopez family looks worse and worse, even as it makes ever more inflammatory charges against the LAPD.

Jose Raul Pena had abducted his toddler daughter Suzie from Lorena Lopez’s home after physically threatening Lopez . Both Lopez and her 19-year-old daughter (by another man than Pena) called the police on a domestic violence charge. When the police found Pena at his auto dealership, he began shooting at them from behind the cover of his baby. After wounding an officer, Pena and his tiny human shield were both mortally shot.


The Lopez-Pena saga demonstrates the growing reality of the fabled “Hispanic family values”—characterized by the highest rates of out-of-wedlock child bearing and high school drop-out behavior in the nation. To be sure, many immigrants lead exemplary lives of self-discipline, self-improvement, and economic striving. But while no one has been paying attention, a growing proportion of Hispanic immigrants—illegal and legal alike—are developing full-blown underclass habits, including uncontrolled gang violence, which are already costing the country dearly in welfare, social services, and prison expenses.

In an article in the North Country Times, Rick Reiss, focuses on illegal aliens doing the crimes that American's won't:

Maybe we should take a look at the kind of "work" that some of these illegal immigrants are performing for us.

- Adrian Camacho will soon stand trial for the murder of Oceanside police officer Tony Zeppetella. Deported several times to Mexico, Camacho's only known occupation was a gang member. In a jailhouse letter received by law enforcement, Camacho wrote that "the only good cop is a dead cop."

- Hong Chen, a "laborer" and illegal immigrant from China is wanted by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation. Convicted of sexual assault on a child, Chen was last seen in Los Angeles.

- Andres Camacho-Avalos is another criminal illegal immigrant from Mexico who is wanted by ICE for deportation. Camacho-Avalos was convicted of two counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14.

- Wanted by the FBI, Arnoldo Dejesus Garcia has a work history as a dishwasher. Dejesus Garcia is a criminal illegal immigrant from Mexico wanted for forcible lewd acts on a child under 14, forcible rape and assault with intent to commit a felony. This "hard-working immigrant" has ties to San Diego.

- Rigoberto Leon Nino, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, is wanted by the San Diego County sheriff for vehicular manslaughter of a mother and one of her two small daughters. A past resident of Vista, the safe bet is that Leon Nino absconded to Mexico.

Of course, these cases are just the tip of the immigration iceberg. It's bad enough that Americans must contend with our own homegrown rapists and murderers. Do we really need to outsource to other countries for criminals as well?

Feeling the Heat

One of the more interesting developments in the last few days that I have been away has been the response to the border problem by the Democratic governors of both New Mexico and Arizona. As Michelle Malkin writes:

Now, two Democratic governors have pulled off bold political moves that go beyond lip service: declaring border emergencies. First, Bill Richardson in New Mexico. Followed by Janet Napolitano in Arizona. The gestures boost government funding for--and, yes, political credibility on--an issue long festering in the Southwest and spreading to the interior.

Granted, the two Dem governors are no Tom Tancredos and the announcements are largely symbolic. Napolitano supports sanctuary and opposed the successful citizens' referendum blocking government benefits to illegal aliens and requiring voters to show proof of citizenship. Chris Kelly notes pro-amnesty Richardson's illegal immigration-enabling positions in the past. Neither has had a strong record on immigration enforcement.

But, hey, who has?

I think that anyone who follows the border issue knows, as Malkin writes, that both Richardson and Napolitano are not doing this out of any sincere concern about border control. But they are politicians, and as such, they are more interested in the short term political ramifications of the problem than anything else, which only goes to show the grassroots pressure that is bubbling up for border control.

The danger here is that these small actions are designed to release just enough pressure so that real, fundamental change does not have to be taken. But the actions of Richardson and Napolitano should be seen for what they are--a sign of of weakness--and they should be exploited as such.

There is no question that the same politicians which have been in the pocket of the multi-cultural/big-business/open-border lobbies remain there. The difference is that they now face democratic forces which are starting to understand the game that is being played. One would expect those who oppose border control to focus more on maintain the status quo at this point, and if this were 1990, it might be politically obtainable. However this is 2005, and the problems of mass illegal immigration have metasized. The reality is that the status quo is neither stable nor maintainable. Likewise, the only way that we can loose at this point is to not fight.

There is no shame in staking out a position more in line with the interests and wishes of the American people than the status quo of the political class; in fact, this is precisely what needs to be done. With every concession by major-brand politicians, it only further goes to distract from their credibility while undermining their demonizing of border control advocates. This is very much a zero sum game (as long as the border control advocates don't become too extreme and discredit themselves), and each concession by the open border types needs to be meet with further demands rather than concessions and compromise.

What might this mean? One idea to put pressure on the right people might be a "truth and reconciliation" committee (yes I realize it sounds a bit Orwellian, which is something of the point) which would act to right the many injustices that the open border advocates are responsible for. The prime purpose of such a committee would be to fine businesses which have employed illegal aliens, and in turn make reparations to individuals most harmed by illegal aliens, such as children who have been orphaned by drunk illegal alien drivers, or children who have been molested by predators which slip back and forth across the border, undocumented, so as to perpetuate their crimes. Other instances which need reparations include victims of other crimes committed by illegal aliens, property owners who have had their houses radically decrease in value due to alien flop houses neighbors, hospitals which have almost gone under due to illegal aliens not paying their bills, and school districts which have been overwhelmed by illegal alien children. Businesses which did not declare their illegal immigrant workers (or who did not submit in good faith to appropriate checks) and come forward for reconciliation could face felony charges, including prison time and government seizure of their business assets.

Of course, if you just read the above paragraph, you are likely thinking that such a course of action would be somewhat extreme. You would be right. But, and this can not be emphasized enough, you don't go into a negotiating situation with a milquetoast set of demands. Right now, many people who have benefited from illegal aliens and the creation of an underclass are wondering what action they should take as they look at this grassroots rebellion, and they are basing that decision on what the risks appear to be. Compare the situation to that of a common thief: If a thief knows that the worst punishment he can expect is to have his stolen goods taken back away from him, he really has nothing to loose by stealing. However, add a lengthy prison sentence to the punishment, and the thief have a fundamentally different calculation of risk.

It should be noted however that making these increased demands requires a certain sense of political timing and rhythm. In the early phase of a struggle, it is most important to begin to create awareness of the problem, just as the Minutemen are doing. Until there is broad recognition of the problem, it is best to keep demands to a minimum, because this seems most reasonable to the uninformed members of society, and because it poses the most contrast to the unresponsive government when it refuses to make even moderate concessions in the face of a very real problem. Once broad popular opposition is achieved and the government's facade starts to show cracks though, it is then desirable to increase demands in response to government stalling, while at the same time further emphasizing the rightness of the cause and the injustices that are being committed against the population.

Will the October patrols by the Minutemen mark the beginning of this second phase of the struggle? I suppose that only time will tell.

Friday, August 12, 2005

On the Road

I will be away for a few days, but should return to this blog early next week. In the meanwhile, check out the "Best Of" links to the right.

The Stranger

The stranger within my gate,
He may be true or kind,
But he does not talk my talk -
I cannot feel his mind.
I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
But not the soul behind.

The men of my own stock,
They may do ill or well,
But they tell the lies I tell.
We do not need interpreters
When we go to buy or sell.

The stranger within my gate,
He may be evil or good,
But I cannot tell what powers control,
What reasons sway his mood,
Nor when the gods of his far-off land
May repossess his blood.

The men of my own stock,
Bitter bad they may be,
But, at least, they hear the things I hear
And see the things I see;
Whatever I think of them and their likes,
They think the likes of me.

This was my father’s belief,
And this is also mine:
Let the corn be all one sheaf
And the grapes be all of one vine,
Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
By bitter bread and wine.

-Rudyard Kipling

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Rolling 9/11 Memorial

Here is a remarkable story about one individual who modified his rig into a mobile memorial to the victims of 9/11:

One day in 2003, he and a buddy were listening to the radio when country singer Darryl Worley's song about 9/11, "Have You Forgotten?" came on. An idea flashed into Holmgren's head: "Wouldn't it be cool to do a 9/11 truck?" He and a couple of friends -- one a mural artist from Fargo, N.D. -- experimented with computer-generated designs that would pay tribute to the victims and capture the themes of Sept. 11: heroism and self-sacrifice. They got the victims' names off the Internet, and began to cover the truck with imprinted vinyl sheets.

The project cost Holmgren close to $40,000. "I'm a blue-collar guy," he says. "I live from paycheck to paycheck in a trailer park." He financed the project by selling T-shirts, toy models of the truck and other merchandise, but is still in debt.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, he says

In my travels, I've seen that Middle America -- small-town people -- remember September 11 best. It's an honor to be in Kellogg for the fourth anniversary.

His site is here.

Terrorist Profiling

Heather Mac Donald has a great article on profiling terrorists which is worth giving a read.

ACLU lawsuits notwithstanding, the police cannot always investigate only the actual perpetrators of a crime. If the consequence of a preliminary Islamic-terror profile were arresting someone or throwing him in jail, we should be deeply concerned about whether it is over-inclusive. But if the consequence is getting a little extra eyeballing from a police officer or maybe facing a higher chance of having your bag checked, then our tolerance for over-inclusiveness should be greater, so long as there is a strong rational basis for the generalization. Some perspective, please! No one is talking about locking someone up because of his nationality or religion. All that is being contemplated is giving the New York police the discretion to notice, among a range of possible factors, where a passenger is likely from in deciding whether to request a voluntary bag check. The passenger is free to walk away if he doesn't want to be checked. The cost of having some innocent subway riders subjected to slightly heightened, but extremely short-lived, scrutiny is trivial compared to the cost of missing a suicide bomber due to a prohibition on noting passengers' apparent geographic origin.

To the liberal, even small acts of non-enforced equality such as profiling terrorists are cause for hysteria because these actions chip away at the central liberal thesis. We can only hope that common sense gains the upper hand eventually, though who knows how many terrorists attacks will happen first.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Minuteman Project Co-founder Considering Run for Congress

This appears to be excellent news:

Jim Gilchrist, co-founder of the Minuteman Project civilian border patrol organization, is seriously considering a run for Congress, promising to make stemming the tide of illegal immigration his No. 1 priority.

The 48th Congressional District of California will soon be vacant due to President Bush's appointment of Rep. Chris Cox as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Once Cox officially resigns from his House seat, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is required to set a date for a special election within 14 days. That election must be held between 112 and 119 days later.

I think it would be interesting to explore the possibility of setting up a Minuteman party, or some such thing. I am not normally a big believer in third parties, because (mathematically) due to the voting structure of our system, the party topology will always asymptotically approach a stable equilibrium with two parties, one on each side of the center. That said, in our system, temporary or transient third parties are quite possible, even if not normally successful.

It is worth considering the fact that losses to a third party which supports immigration control could easily outstrip any gains that the Republican party hopes to pick up by manipulating the Hispanic vote. If, as Steve Sailor writes, the Hispanic vote made up only 6.0% of the votes cast in the 2004 election, and with Bush only getting 40% of those votes, only about 4.8% of non-Hispanic Republican (or Republican leaning) voters would have to leave the party to entirely wipe out the significance of the Hispanic votes, of which Bush has supposedly been trying to court. (Of course, big business, not Hispanic voters, seems to be the more important reason why the border is not being enforced.)

There is most certainly considerable unhappiness in the Republican camp at this point, which does suggest that a sizable number of voters might be prepared to cast a protest vote, especially since 2006 will not be a presidential election. How big? I can only guess, but does 20% of Republican voters sound too big? I think that in some areas, especially in border states, this might be quite realizable. Obviously, no "Minuteman Party" can win on 10% of the vote, but all but the safest Republican seat can become an upset in such a scenario. On the other hand, in a three way election, it would only take 34% to secure a win.

The core point which has to be remembered, regardless of the election guessing above is that the Republican party simply has no credibility on immigration at this point. If Republicans are not going to solve the situation now, with a Republican President, Senate, and House, when will it ever happen? The answer of course, is never.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Conservatives and Cops

Vie Lone Star Times from this article:

It all began when a neighbor called police for an unrelated matter. But one police car stopped in front of the McJunkin’s home.

Dillon recalled, "The cop stopped there, and Duke looked at him, and then ran to my mom. And (the officer) shot him twice."

Kay McJunkin, Dillon’s mother, explained, "He asked what the address was, and when I told him, he realized he was at the wrong place. And he said he felt threatened by the dog and that I should have had an address posted on my house, and this would have never happened if he knew he was at the wrong address."

This is a sad story which manages to combine law enforcement's two popular habits: incompetence and arrogance. Now I must say that personally, I am a very law abiding person, without so much as a traffic ticket. And I am also obviously "pro-law enforcement", as long as that means actually enforcing the law.

That said, I am always puzzled by how many conservatives have a reflexive, even reptilian, pro-cop stance. This may be partly a response to the excesses of the left, which seems to inevitably take the side of the law-breaker. However, there is absolutely nothing conservative about blindly supporting any authority which has the power to suppress our natural rights, be it local, state, or federal government, or their physical embodiment, law enforcement.

As I mentioned above, I don't have any criminal record, so my view is not biased by any such experience. I have though had considerable experience and interaction of some sort with law enforcement officers in various everyday sorts of situations, but too often I can only begin to describe them as bad people. Yes, that's right "bad people". Again and again, mindless incompetence or uncalled for rudeness seems to be remarkably acceptable behavior.

I have had good experience as well, and there are officers which are indeed professional, most notably the University police at my school (which have to have a bachelors degree to get hired) who have been truly professional in my every experience. Still, the exceptions only go to prove the rule that if you hire people to enforce the law for $7 an hour, you invariable scrap the bottom of the ethical, social, and genetic barrels.

We can have better standards for law enforcement officers, but we simply have to apply the same conservative principles that we would in other situations, most importantly of which is expecting accountability, combined with high enough pay that the jobs can attract better candidates.

American Test Scores

Vie Marginal Revolution, this interesting article on Slate brings to light an important aspect that should be considered when comparing international test scores.

You could conclude from these exams that American high-schoolers are ill-taught and ill-prepared for the competitive global economy. But what if you look at these tests like a capitalist rather than an educator? Nothing is at stake for kids when they take the international exams and the NAEP. Students don't even learn how they scored. And that probably affects their performance. American teenagers, in other words, may not be stupid. It could be that when they have nothing to gain (or lose), they're lazy.


The "who cares?" phenomenon probably plagues older students' performance on international exams, too. Granted, kids in Japan and the United Kingdom don't pay a personal price for how they do on global tests, either. But cultural pressures can be very different in other countries. Korean schools have staged rallies to rev their children up before they take international assessments. And Germany created a national "PISA Day" to mark the date when 15-year-olds take the exam that will rank them against students in other countries. The U.S. Department of Education, meanwhile, has a hard time convincing principals to administer voluntary international tests at all.

It seems that creating a test without including an incentive is an unforgivably ignorant thing to do. Sadly, this seems to be representative of the educational establishment's way of thinking.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Plumbing the Depths of the Troubled Liberal Mind

Insty linked to this article by Johann Hari which provides a profoundly interesting look into the gapping depths of the liberal mind, and especially at the deep distress that it is suffering right now as it tries to protect itself from reality after the ideologically-shaking London bombings.

There is a strand of the right - from Robert Kilroy-Silk to Richard Littlejohn to the Broadmoor Wing of the Tory party - that attacks multiculturalism as a proxy for attacking immigrants and refugees. It is their way of expressing nostalgia for a monocultural, all-white England without being openly racist. The conservative bromides have a not-so-subtle subtext: Why is everyone so different these days? Can't we go back to how it was? And, implicitly - why are there so many black and brown faces?

That's why many of us feel jittery when we hear multiculturalism criticised, as the Tory leader-in-waiting David Davis did in a speech this week. Even if some of the points sound reasonable, it's hard to shake off the thought: what is he signalling? Who is he appealing to? But in among the bad reasons for opposing multiculturalism - hinted at by Davis - there are some good reasons, and it is time we overcame our nervousness and heard them.

Hari demonstrate the degree to which liberals have largely backed themselves into a corner regarding multiculturalism. Even as it has become an absolute failure, they are still traumatized, one might even say paranoid, by the thought that anyone criticizing it is might be doing so out of a racist motive. More broadly however, to the degree that the left has manipulated the issue of race, they find themselves in an incredibly awkward position when forced to confront the issue.

In the summer of 2001, Bradford, Burnley and Oldham ignited into some of the worst rioting in recent British history. Streets were trashed, shops were looted, cars exploded after being set on fire, and clashes between Asian and white youths went on for days. In the aftermath, the Home Office commissioned the distinguished academic Ted Cantle to investigate what had happened. He discovered "shockingly divided communities", where ethnic groups lived "parallel" and "polarised" lives, never mixing, never meeting each other, living in "almost complete segregation" based on race.


But there is another dysfunctional aspect to multiculturalism. In practice, it acts as though immigrant cultures are unchanging and should be preserved in aspic. This forces multiculturalists into alliance with the most conservative and unpleasant parts of immigrant communities.


All this time, we could have been helping women and gay people from immigrant communities to enjoy the fruits of a free society. This would have created interesting and more progressive versions of Islam that would fight back against jihadism far more effectively than a thousand government initiatives or police raids. Instead, we have been inadvertently helping the conservative men who want to keep these groups in a subordinate position.

A couple things are interesting here. First, Hari is making the rather obvious observation (no doubt novel for a liberal though) that multiculturalism is similar in certain respects to segregation. The other interesting point is how he attempts to tie this multiculturalism/segregationalism to the conservatives (note he even said "conservative men" ). Naturally, with his world view, one can not expect that he would be capable of assessing history accurately.

The above is especially reveling when one compares it to the excellent series at the ShrinkWrapped blog, "PC & Defects in Reality Testing":

When Howard describes the projection of all the bad aspects and projecting (attributing) them onto the father, he is pointing out that when splitting occurs, there is always an idealized object, and a corresponding devalued object. In the case of Political Correctness, the "oppressive white male" is the repository of all the bad that exists, while all the goodness in life belongs to the primitive, all loving mother. Since the process of splitting is unconscous, the recognition of its defensive distance from reality is lost. The most interesting aspect of splitting is that even when a person can recognize, intellectually, that it is impossible for anyone to be "all good" or "all bad", emotionally the distinction is unavailable.

Thus, Hari seems to have given the game away with his "conservative men who want to keep these groups in a subordinate position" statement.

But multiculturalism binds the hands of those who want cultural change in immigrant communities by demanding tolerance and respect for reactionary traditions. At a time when there is a battle within British Islam whose outcome will affect us all, is it wise to continue like this?

It is not too late to unpick the dysfunctional logic of multiculturalism. We can actively promote dialogue, meeting-places and inter-breeding. No more funding of divisive faith schools. No more separate community centres.

Britain has the highest rate of mixed-race partnerships anywhere in the world, largely due to sexual relationships between white and black people in London. This - not multiculturalism - is the British tradition to promote. No more bland "tolerance": let's have rows and laughs and sex. Our future lies in this glorious mixing of races, not in separating them out and hermetically sealing them off in their own outdated "cultures".

Multiculturalism is dead; long live miscegenation.

In a certain respect, Hari (and I suspect many other liberals are starting to think along similar lines) is like a small child, who when told that it is time for bed, tries to achieve a negotiated surrender, or perhaps he hopes, a negotiated victory. The child in the example may "agree" to get in bed, but only if the lights are left on and he can still play with his toys. The liberals in this case are trying to hold back the course of history, hoping that if they might admit just a few of their improprieties, the masses will agree to give them a second chance.

We were wrong, Hari says, but give us another go. We were wrong to try to preserve parallel cultures, but don't worry, we have a backup plan. Now you see, rather than telling the ethnic minorities they should be proud of their race as we did in the past, we will just get rid of the whole race thing altogether. What, you don't trust us? When have we ever let you down?

This is, however, such a predictable liberal response to a problem that I am surprised we did not all predict it. Just as the USSR demonstrated "solving" religious disagreements and violence by getting rid of religion, so the too Hari proposes solving the multicultural problem. I am only surprised that he did not suggest in the same breath that we also get rid of the multi-party state, thereby preventing political disagreements and those pesky elections. The fact that Hari sees the very act of procreation as a mere tool for political and social engineering revels the ruthless totalitarian beast that prowls in the shadow of liberalism.

Perhaps the best response to demonstrate the patent foolishness of Hari's miscegenation proposal is that even at the height of multicultural tolerance, political correctness brainwashing, and moral and cultural equivalence, most individuals followed their biological instincts in being attracted to people who were similar to themselves. Does he actually suppose that (baring state coercion, a thought never far from the liberal mind) Britons will now give their daughters to Muslims in marriage, even as busses are blowing up in the street?

As I wrote in a previous post titled Assimilation:

...is the general failure in recent decades of many immigrants to assimilate a result of the policies of multiculturalism, or has the popularity of multiculturalism been a result of the failure of these groups to assimilate--even the self-evident inability of these groups to assimilate?

I will repose this question, because I think that it is certainly worth thinking about. The fact that a liberal like Hari can find no better solution to multiculturalism that the rather Goering-like "Our future lies in this glorious mixing of races" hyperbole suggests that there are no easy answers to the question.

Barone on Multiculturalism

Michael Barone, who I often find to be rather weak-kneed and conventional on certain topics, never less says what needs to be said in this article:

Multiculturalism is based on the lie that all cultures are morally equal. In practice, that soon degenerates to: All cultures are morally equal, except ours, which is worse. But all cultures are not equal in respecting representative government, guaranteed liberties and the rule of law. And those things arose not simultaneously and in all cultures, but in certain specific times and places -- mostly in Britain and America, but also in various parts of Europe.

In America, as in Britain, multiculturalism has become the fashion in large swathes of our society. So the Founding Fathers are presented only as slaveholders, World War II is limited to the internment of Japanese-Americans and the bombing of Hiroshima. Slavery is identified with America, though it has existed in every society and the antislavery movement arose first among English-speaking evangelical Christians.

But most Americans know there is something special about our cultural heritage. While Harvard and Brown are replacing scholars of the founding period with those studying other things, book-buyers are snapping up first-rate histories of the Founders by David McCullough, Joseph Ellis and Ron Chernow.

Mutilculturalist intellectuals do not think our kind of society is worth defending. But millions here and increasing numbers in Britain and other countries know better.

Hat tip: Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill.

Mozilla & Foxfire Visitors

Phin from Phin's Blog was kind enough to email me and let me know that this blog was not displaying quite right on Mozilla/Foxfire due to some HTML comments I had in the template. I don't normally use Foxfire (or Mozilla), but I looked at my site stats for browsers, and it appears that about 35% of visitors are using one of the two. Anyway, I hope all you Mozilla/Foxfire users find things better now; if you see any other problems, just drop me an email.

Illegal Aliens: The Truth

Here is a superb article on the illegal alien problem, written by a law enforcement officer who knows what is going on:

As a law enforcement officer, statistically, more than 50 percent of all cases I investigate involve illegals as either suspects or victims. Unfortunately this is not distinguishable on reported statistics because we can't discriminate among those we help.

Most of these cases are child sex crimes and identity theft. Many convicted sex offenders are illegals that were not deported after conviction, or who have sneaked back across the border. And most of my rape and child sex cases are perpetrated by illegals.

Identity theft and financial crimes have become a nightmare to investigate. Real estate fraud is king with the housing market and interest rates what they are. Everyone involved stands to get rich, from the real estate agent/broker, notary, buyer and seller. It's far more lucrative than peddling methamphetamine. Why run the risk of arrest when you can waltz away with $100,000 in proceeds on a sale, all in someone else's name?

In the last six months, in every single high-dollar fraud case I investigated, the suspect was an illegal alien. And if that doesn't sting, you should see the Hummers, Navigators and Escalades these people are driving. And who ends up responsible for the loss? Surely not someone who doesn't have a peso to his name anyway.

You're kidding yourself if you think the illegal problem can be found at freeway off-ramps and Home Depots and on street corners selling fruits ... those are the few ";unfortunates" that didn't have a juice card. Even the coyotes getting them here are illegal! And at a going rate of three grand per ";pollo," they too live the life of Riley.

And don't think the big chunk of the income they make goes into supporting and feeding a family, here or in Mexico ... not unless you consider Budweiser and methamphetamine sustenance.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Texas Minutemen Have Their Job Cut Out

The major upcoming Minuteman Project patrol of the border this October is going to be very interesting in many aspects. One of the more troubling ones however will likely be the safety of the volunteers on the Texas part of the border. According to an article highlighted over at the A Certain Slant of Light blog, 72-80% of all drugs coming into the US cross the Texas-Mexico border.

Read the whole post, as it is a good reminder of the danger poised by open borders.

President Bush keeps telling us that we've taken the fight to terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan so we don't have to fight terrorists here on American soil. Well, they're already here. They're just being misnamed. Our politicians, our so-called "public servants," are doing us a gross disservice and, in the process, putting each and everyone of us at risk.

The SS on My Jacket Stands for Super Smooth

In the humor category, this "music video" has to be one of the funniest things that I have seen in a while. Be warned however, it is not politically correct.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Multiculturalism: A Form of Drug Addiction?

I recently ran across this article in The Times, which relates the almost parallel universe that the author found while visiting Norway:

Every year since 1954 a play about Olav the Holy (also apparently known in his day as Olav the Fat) has been performed at a huge open-air amphitheatre in Stiklestad [Norway]. Over the course of a week 50,000 people show up for the performances, to look around the museum, buy ocarinas at the medieval craft fair and meet their friends. Mad-eyed Helga was giving a pair of us Britons a tour of the museum when she told us about Loki’s slapstick, and the flashing blue lights were on the two small police cars that had accompanied King Harald and Queen Sonya to the play.

Such a security arrangement might not seem particularly intimidating to many of us who have been in Britain for the last month, or who have passed through a British airport recently, but I was assured by one of the play’s organisers that events in London had indeed affected their preparations. There were, apparently, several plain-clothes detectives mingled with the crowd (I saw just one). And this year each one of the 100 men, women and teenagers dressed up as the Viking-age soldiers from Olav’s army, and between whose ranks the modern king entered the amphitheatre, had been security vetted — just in case their number had been infiltrated by any terrorist interlopers who might have taken advantage of the weapons and the proximity to wallop the smiley king over the shiny head with an historically correct axe.

It was not, however, easy to imagine such a thing. In the Trondelag we were a universe away from the Middle East, from the clash of civilisations that some people seem so anxious to have, from bottles of explosive with nails stuck to them and from Paddington Green police station. Up there Heckler & Koch are probably a pair of Arctic comedians.

To judge by the Stiklestad festival most Norwegians live very comfortably and are almost absurdly law-abiding. They are also all white. Over the four days there and in Trondheim I saw thousands and thousands of Norwegians and liked them immensely as a group. But in all that time I only saw one dark face — one little boy as he tried his hand at archery — and the only immigrant I met was a German silversmith now living in Tromso. Nothing could be more different from the Babel of London than this homogeneous society where someone from Oslo stands out, let alone someone from Cairo.

Such a prospect pleases some people now. A homogeneity like this means not worrying about the sons of Somali refugees, the descendants of Mirpuri peasants, about the occasional madrassa-educated malcontent or the prison convert. This complete Norwegianness could suggest a possible future Britishness, insulated against outside shocks by closed borders and an insistence on cultural conformity.


But even suppose you could turn the date back to 1950 and a British society as white as Narvik in January, and as Christian as St Olav’s tomb, is that really what we would want? The play in Stiklestad has been performed since the year that I was born. In the programme there were photographs of performances going back to 1954. In all that time the only thing that has really changed has been the position of the orchestra. Otherwise the characters look the same, the set is the same, even the tree-trunk where the blind man sits is in the same position. A country like Britain can’t be like that.

Interestingly, I also stumbled across a book review for Dr. Gregory Berns' book "Satisfaction: The Science of Finding True Fulfillment", which is apparently one of those pop-science books which academics write for profit/publicity. I have not read the book, but the primary conclusion of the book was what caught my eye:

Berns kicks off this thought-provoking exploration with a simple question, "What do humans want?" He challenges the belief that we are driven primarily to pursue pleasure and avoid pain. Rather, Berns finds that "satisfaction comes less from the attainment of a goal and more in what you must do to get there." With a series of experiments using cutting-edge MRI scanning technology, he sees that the interaction of dopamine, the hormone secreted in the brain in anticipation of pleasure, and cortisol, the chemical released when we are under stress, produces the feelings people associate with satisfaction. Berns, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory, ventures into the physical world to prove his thesis, looking at bruised and reddened s&m enthusiasts and ultramarathoners collapsing after a 100-mile run. The author then brings his journey home, confronting issues in his own marriage and the sexual dissatisfaction that so often plagues long-term relationships. His conclusion is simple and compelling: people are wired for novel experience, and when we seek it out, we are satisfied. This will be a highly satisfying read for anyone interested in what gets us out of bed in the morning day after day.

In other words, new and novel experinces trigger dopamine releases, giving us a small "fix". Obviously, it is somewhat hyperbolic to use the term "drug addiction" in the title, but none the less there is some truth to the claim.

As the author in The Times article complains, the thought of a semi-monolithic, monocultural, homogeneous London would be too...well...boring. This relates to Berns' book, in that individuals tend to be drawn towards the new and exotic: multiculturalism and mass immigration seem to hold out the promise of a more interesting environment. The sights, sounds, and tastes of these new cultures provide the novel experiences that fire off dopamine releases, giving us a small high.

The problem is however, that like all addictions, long term prudence tends to be forgotten for the instant gratification of the experience. Likewise, whatever exhilaration many urbanites may have experience by the influx of exotic masses into London, suicide bombings represent one new experience too many, and this is starting to change the perceived value of a multicultural London.

Another similarity with addiction is that over time, the experience becomes less stimulating. For real drug addicts, they may choose to go to a harder drug. But what can multicultural urbanites do?

Perhaps one of the real "side-effects" of the multicultural binge of the 90's was that it was never sustainable in the popular sense. After all, if multiculturalism and mass immigration maintained mass appeal (or at least tolerance) due to the degree to which they were perceived to be fun and exciding, what happens when they becomes old shoe? What happens when instead of adding spice to life, these exotic groups start to sound like a broken record, always complaining about the host culture and wallowing in their status as an automatic member of the victim class? What about when they provide a net drain on society, in terms of welfare, crime, etc? Worse still, what happens when they start to engage in systematic violence, be it suicide bombings or massive gang activities?

Friday, August 05, 2005

Who is the Better President? Bush or Fox?

Jesse over at The Sword of Enlightenment has an excellent post about how well Bush is looking after Americans (or not), compared to Fox looking after Mexicans.

...there's no disputing that Vicente Fox is putting the interests of his own people first and foremost when it comes to illegal immigration. I mean, the money illegal immigrants send back across the border accounts for one fifth of the Mexican GDP.* That's second only to oil! Of course Vicente is going to try to protect that huge chunk of his country's economy if he's just out to better his people and determined to not let laws or honesty get in the way. And it's obvious that's what he's doing. Is he knowingly spitting on U.S. laws and border protection? Of course. Is he acting like a sleazy scoundrel on the international stage? Is he proving that he cares not what happens up here as long as that illegal cash flow keeps sending dollars in? Yes and yes. But, again, who can argue that he's not looking out for the best interests of Mexico?

Now let's take Dubya. He has made a consistent practice of rolling over and playing dead on immigration since taking office and I don't see him growing a spine on the issue anytime soon. He refuses to take the next-step measures necessary to really protect the border, such as stiffening illegal employment penalties, jacking up identification standards here in the states, or even adding military personnel to the border force. Despite the loss of jobs and lowering of wages due to the influx of an illegal and dirt-cheap labor force, and despite the ramifications being felt across society from crime to education to national security, Bush simply refuses to open his eyes or even acknowledge the problem.

Illegal Alien Worked as Border Patrol Agent

Vie American Patrol, this is a rather disturbing example of how bad things have become along the border.

ESCONDIDO ---- Federal agents arrested a Border Patrol agent Thursday in Escondido who is suspected of being an illegal immigrant who was smuggling other illegal immigrants into the United States.

Department of Homeland Security agents, assisted by Escondido police, pulled over 28-year-old Oscar Antonio Ortiz of San Diego at about 2:30 p.m. while he was driving on Valley Parkway near Interstate 15 and took him into custody, authorities said.

They said a second Border Patrol agent who lives in Encinitas has also been under investigation.

Ortiz's application to work for the Border Patrol, filed in Oct. 30, 2001, claimed he was born in Chicago, Ill., and he submitted a birth certificate, according to U.S. District Court documents in San Diego.

"However, a records check revealed it was a doctored birth certificate," Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Jennings said. "The records check revealed that he was born in Tijuana."

Ortiz was to appear in federal court today on one charge each of conspiracy to smuggle illegal immigrants into this country and falsely claiming U.S. citizenship, Jennings said.

This seems to show two things: first, the black-market document networks and the government's failure to have effective document checks so as to avoid offending (i.e. catching) illegal aliens is making crime, corruption, and even terrorism possible and actually easy. Secondly, rather than being scared, starving victims of the white-man's society, many illegal aliens are entirely confident, even arrogant, about their legal situation in this country.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Welcome Alliance!

Perhaps I am a bit late in posting this, but I would like to especially welcome any Alliance members stopping by for the first time. I recently applied, and was added to the blogroll just today. For anyone not already familiar with this blog, it largely focuses on the topics of illegal "immigration" and to a lesser extent, radical Islam.

Illegal Aliens Mistake Rep. Jim Kolbe's House for America

The illegal alien-challenged Rep. Jim Kolbe's house was recently broken into by a band of illegal aliens who were looking for a place to change clothes and cook a snack. Apparently they mistook Kolbe's open-door advocacy for, well, a literally open-door policy.

Rep. Jim Kolbe's house in Sonoita was burglarized July 23 by a suspected group of undocumented migrants, said Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Lt. Ramon Fuentes.


...the burglars focused on fixing a snack and getting cleaned up. Kolbe's microwave showed signs of recent use, as did his shower. Officers found wet towels piled up in the bathroom.Before leaving the house, they took a snack and a change of clothes.

"They're going to be some sharp dressers," Fuentes said.

In a perfect world, we would have a bunch of those tourist-information racks all along the border, with maps to all of the open-border types' houses. Perhaps this would make a good insurgency campaign? I bet Bush's ranch would make a five star "snack 'n change" station.

UPDATE: NYgirl links here.